February ?? 2022 [TBA]
(Talk) To/abouT/wiTh my… 

Distractfold Ensemble
London, USA

February 6th, 2022
“Uncanny Valley”
ShinPark Duo For Regular Concert @ 11am, Leopold Museum
Vienna, Austria

January ?? 2022 [TBA]
“Uncanny Valley”

Jared Reymond   
For Electronic Music Studio at UC Berkeley [CNMAT]
San Francisco, USA

December 16th 2021
“Das Unheimliche”

Trio Recherche    
For Recording project
Freiburg, Germany

November ?? 2021 [TBA]
“I Have the Right to De[story] Myself”

Niklas Seidl from Handwerk
For Recording Project
Hannover, Germany

October 30th 2021
“I Have the Right to De[story] Myself”

Niklas Seidl from Handwerk
For DEGEM 30 years Cerebration Concert @ ZKM, 8pm
Karlsruhe, Germany

October 26th, 2021
“Uncanny Valley” [Cancelled]
ShinPark Duo
Rostock, Germany

September 30th, 2021
“refLEction refRAction difFRAction”
Kevin Toksöz Fairbairn For Virtual Partner Residencies [Goethe Institute]
Hannover, Germany

June 2nd, 2021
“(Talk) To/abouT/wiTh my…”
Distractfold Ensemble  
Klang International Musik Festival in 2021  
Copenhagen, Denmark 

May 18th, 2019
“Unclipped Asymmetrical Cycling”
Interstring Project
For Ensemble in Residence @Musikhochschule Trossingen
Trossingen, Germany

May 11th, 2021
“What will/have/had being heard at a given moment with what had/have/will [already] been heard”
Ensemble Adopter
Berlin, Germany

April 3rd 2021
“I/You won’t/haven’t/hadn’t/know[n] Which Door[s] You/I will/do/did Open”
Ensemble TIMF   
For Tongyeong International Musik Festival in 2021 @ 5pm
Tongyeong, South Korea 

March 3rd 2021
“refLEction refRAction difFRAction”
Dries Tack from Curious Chamber Players  
For Recording Project of Dries Tack Solo Album
Asse, Belgium