EVENTS 2021-2022

February ?? 2022 [TBA]
(Talk) To/abouT/wiTh my… 

Distractfold Ensemble
London, USA

February 6th, 2022
“Uncanny Valley”
ShinPark Duo For Regular Concert @ 11am, Leopold Museum
Vienna, Austria

January ?? 2022 [TBA]
“Uncanny Valley”

Jared Reymond   
For Electronic Music Studio at UC Berkeley [CNMAT]
San Francisco, USA

December 16th 2021
“Das Unheimliche”

Trio Recherche    
For Recording project
Freiburg, Germany

October 30th 2021
“I Have the Right to De[story] Myself”

Niklas Seidl from Handwerk
For DEGEM 30 years Cerebration Concert @ ZKM, 7pm
Karlsruhe, Germany

October 26th, 2021
“Uncanny Valley” [Cancelled]
ShinPark Duo
Rostock, Germany

September 30th, 2021
“refLEction refRAction difFRAction”
Kevin Toksöz Fairbairn For Virtual Partner Residencies [Goethe Institute]
Hannover, Germany

June 2nd, 2021
“(Talk) To/abouT/wiTh my…” [Cancelled]
Distractfold Ensemble  
Klang International Musik Festival in 2021  
Copenhagen, Denmark 

May 30th, 2021
“refLEction refRAction difFRAction”
Dries Tack from Curious Chamber Players  
For “Extended Sound”
Brussel, Germany

May 18th, 2021
“Unclipped Asymmetrical Cycling”
Interstring Project
For Ensemble in Residence @Musikhochschule Trossingen
Trossingen, Germany

May 11th, 2021
“What will/have/had being heard at a given moment with what had/have/will [already] been heard”
Ensemble Adopter For Recording Project
Berlin, Germany

April 3rd 2021
“I/You won’t/haven’t/hadn’t/know[n] Which Door[s] You/I will/do/did Open”
Ensemble TIMF   
For Tongyeong International Musik Festival in 2021 @ 5pm
Tongyeong, South Korea 

March 3rd 2021
“refLEction refRAction difFRAction”
Dries Tack from Curious Chamber Players  
For Recording Project of Dries Tack Solo Album
Asse, Belgium